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On day one of the installation, our fitter and your new kitchen will arrive. Whilst it can take a few hours to have the cabinets brought into the new room, you should expect to see some fitted before the end of the day.

By the end of the week, all the cabinets will be installed and ready for the worktops to be templated. If you have chosen Granite, Quartz or Corian worktops, we will have agreed a date for the fabricators to arrive to template for exact measurements. We always ask if you can be present during this part of the process for your own peace of mind and to discuss any finer details.

Whilst the worktops are being made for your room, we will continue to install the appliances, doors and finishing trims. The worktop will be fitted between five and 12 days after the template, depending on your chosen material. At this time, your toughened glass splashback will be templated to ensure an exact fit. The glass will be fitted five to 12 days later depending on the size of the largest piece. During this time, your surveyor will be in contact in order to instigate works on any remaining concerns, which will all be resolved when the glass is fitted.

Once all the appliances are connected and tested, it’s just a case of us cleaning up before your brand new kitchen is ready to use. Take a look at Our Projects to see previous spaces that we have transformed.