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5 Stylish Must-Haves for a Modern Kitchen

Upgrading or redesigning your kitchen opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to modern styles and appliances. To help you narrow down your choices, here are our 5 must-haves for a modern kitchen.

Together, these modern updates will help the heart of your home be both luxurious and easy to use. Soft close drawers

Soft close drawers and cabinets now come in all styles so your choice isn’t limited when you decide to get drawers that are smooth and don’t make any banging noises. They can seem like a small feature in the grand scheme of a kitchen, but they have a maximum impact when it comes to enjoying your space.

Your kitchen will instantly seem calmer without doors and hinges slamming shut, which will be most appreciated during weekend lie-ins and if one partner gets up earlier for work in the week. This makes them especially ideal for open plan homes, where sound can travel.

Boiling water taps

quooker boiling tap in modern kitchen

We’ve seen boiling water taps become a must-have, even in the last six months. They look great and save you time preparing meals and hot drinks; you always have boiling water at the ready.

Our preferred supplier is Quooker, whose tap produces 100 degree celsius water, as well as cold and filtered water, using an innovative tank hidden discreetly under your counter. Incredibly efficient and elegant looking, you won’t ever regret adding it to your home. In fact, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. View our smart technology for kitchens post.

Kitchen islands

kitchen island

Islands are more than a trend; they’re here to stay. They create an open plan feel and suit almost all kitchen styles and sizes. Use them for hosting, food preparation, your morning coffee and of course, relaxing.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that make then a must-have, is the additional seating and storage they provide and how they let you use your space flexibly.

Induction hood cooktops

induction hood cooktops

An induction hob uses coils and magnets to just heat your pans, rather than the cooktop and air above. As a result of the technology, designs are sleek with no visible burners. Easy to use, they cost more than standard electric ovens but will save you money on utility bills as they use less energy.

Looking amazing, they are also scratch resistant and easier to keep splatter-free, reducing the strain when it comes to cleaning. It’s win, win! For a consistent style, choose matching cooktop colours for your kitchen.

Rise and fall lighting

rise and fall lighting

The role of lighting in a kitchen can’t be overlooked; lights create atmosphere and are talking points that compliment your overall kitchen design. Rise and fall lighting is one of the best options for modern kitchens as they are striking and luxurious, whether above a breakfast bar or dining table.

Rows of three or four look fantastic and make sure you get extendable chords so they can be lowered and raised to suit your preference and the occasion. Dimmable options give you an added element of choice; combine this feature with LED flexi strips on your skirting for a futuristic look.

Modernise your kitchen today

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