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Stylish Master Bedroom Design Tips

Master bedrooms are personal spaces to showcase your own tastes and have the potential to be incredibly stylish as you get creative with your designs. Any upgrade, redesign or style updates are really exciting as they can have a big impact on your mood and how you make the most of your space.

At PD Kitchens we are partnered with Kindred Living and can help you redesign your bedrooms with innovative solutions that are as functional as they are beautiful. You can learn more about our services from initial consultations to installation here.

Whether you’re getting ready for a total makeover or want to improve certain aspects to make a bedroom truly yours, here are some of our great design tips to consider:

Create space with storage

Mast bedroom storage

You probably find that over time your bedroom has collected clutter and this can make the room seem smaller and ultimately, a little messy. When you head into a redesign, it’s the perfect opportunity to find better suited storage. Additional shelving and soft-close drawers are instant solutions for organising essentials and they can make difficult spaces more accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

As there are a number of options – new wardrobes, shelving, drawers, cabinets, hidden storage – it’s a good idea to have them all match to create a harmonious final look; after all, master bedrooms can be thought of as sanctuaries. For smaller bedrooms, thoughtful storage becomes all the more important and can really make a room feel bigger.

Ultimately, organised storage can also save time as you get ready as you’ll know where everything is. Think about the order of how you get ready and set-up your storage with a flow to compliment it.

Guarantee comfort

Stylish bedroom with relaxing design

Comfort is a priority for any bedroom and can help you relax and unwind after a busy day and even get a better night’s sleep, which is good for general health. Minimalism is one way to keep things comfortable as ‘busy’ designs can be distracting. Probably the most important update is a high quality bed complete with a mattress matching your expectations eg. soft or firm. Style wise, the frame should match your colour scheme and upholstery should have a high thread count, complimented with accent colour cushions.

In essence, you want to look forward to going to bed, so it’s worth spending time on these decisions and letting them shape other design elements. If you are working to a tight budget, concentrate on enhancing your current design. You can update textures and even upcycle older furnishings to match any new purchases.

Get relaxed

Relaxing mood lighting in bedroom

In line with crafting comfort is the creation of a bedroom that alters to your mood and how it is used throughout the day. Opt for light colours – creams and pastels – that look great in all natural lighting and carefully plan a range of lighting points. These will allow you to have a soft morning to help you wake up gradually, as well as the right level for your eyes to read a book.

Recommended lights for bedrooms include spotlights embedded in the ceiling on a dimmer switch and stylish bedside lamps. These can add a touch of warmth if you choose deep colours, like copper, and when you choose gradient lighting ideal for cosy evenings.

Seek advice

Applicable to every aspect of bedroom design, it is always useful to seek out the advice of designers that have the experience and ideas to help you find the perfect solutions. It can send you on new routes with your design and we find that there are always things that can be learned which you simply can’t find on a Pinterest board.

Visualising your design with a professional also allows you to see a walkthrough of the space on a computer, which can often change your final decisions as you get a better idea of what it will look like when it’s all completed.

When is the right time to update?

It’s common to freshen up your bedroom when you’ve just moved into a new property and want to put your own stamp on it, or after you’ve been in a property a number of years and the design has become dated.

However, the right time to update is really whenever you feel it needs it and you have the time to consider the possibilities.

If you’d like to set up and initial consultation with us, or simply speak more about how we can help, get in touch on 01403 732259.

*Photos credited to Kindred Living Ltd

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