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Smart Technology to Modernise your Kitchen

PD Kitchens offer a wide range of innovative kitchen technology to modernise your space, improve your connectivity and to give you more choice in how you manage your home life with WiFi features and smart tech.

Our advisors are on hand in our showroom and on the phone to guide you on the best kitchen technology for your needs and to suit your budget. To book a consultation or to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01403 732259.

Types of kitchen technology

  • Smart tech including ovens, refrigerators and more
  • Connected WiFi functionality by IE Siemens Connect
  • Charging stations by DuPoint
  • Touch free taps for increased hygiene

Just from this selection it is clear updating kitchens to incorporate these advances is beneficial, crafting a space that works for you and makes your life easier.

As a local kitchen designer, we work with top international brands. Here’s an explanation of each with details on how they would fit into your kitchen:

Smart technology

Siemens Home Connect Smart Fridge

Smart technology is one of the most exciting developments in kitchen appliances in recent years, and with research and product designs by industry leaders Siemens, the futuristic equipment is reliable and highly practical.

The IE Siemens home connect system allows you to manage your kitchen from work and anywhere outside of your home where you can access WiFi and log in to the user friendly Home Connect App. From here you check your oven is off, set it to pre-heat on your commute home and look inside your fridge to check if you have milk.

The possibilities really are exciting and allow you to save time and lead a more flexible life. Your washing machine can even pick the best cycle for your washing without you having to choose. Now is the right time to install this technology as smartphones are part of everyday life and are never far from your reach.

Main benefits: Automation, maximised leisure time, flexibility.

Also see: Our Siemens brochure, click here.

Charging stations by DuPoint

DuPoint charging stations

Have you ever realised your phone is low on charge just before you leave the house and you need it for directions or to make a call? This annoyance becomes a thing of the past when you make your stylish kitchen counters charging points.

DuPoint’s technology allows you to simply place your smartphone down on the counter top and it automatically starts charging without you having to give it a second thought. Using a wireless system, these Corian Charging Stations can charge multiple devices and it’s not long before homeowners wonder how they did without them.

It’s a luxury that isn’t superfluous and really makes sense in a modern kitchen. The counters can be bespoke designed to your tastes and kitchen space just as regular counters.

Main benefits: Automation, time saving, easy to use.

Touch free taps

touch free taps


Commercially touch free taps have become commonplace in public bathrooms, restaurants and hotels, but still have a futuristic style and feeling associated with them. They are gradually entering the home as a great choice for people updating their kitchens. They are quick and simple devices that speed up the process of washing hands or food and increase the hygiene of your kitchen.For instance, if you’ve been preparing raw meat you can wash your hands without the risk of contaminating the tap handle. As new designs, they are also energy efficient.

For instance, if you’ve been preparing raw meat you can wash your hands without the risk of contaminating the tap handle. As new designs, they are also energy efficient.

Main benefits: Automation, increased hygiene.

The growth in tech for kitchens is something to celebrate as it’s adaptable and has a range of applications. Streamlining household chores is indeed a welcome benefit. We also advise on smart tech for the rest of your home, so please enquire about our central vacuum systems manufactured by Electrolux, meaning you never have to carry your vacuum up the stairs.

For more information on any of this technology don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our showroom. We look forward to working with you to design your dream kitchen.